Research-based analysis and asset management

NorQuant is a company started by the brothers Thomas Nygaard, who is autorised financial analyst and portfolio manager, and Lars Nygard, who has masters degree in physics. NorQuant helps investors achieve better financial returns through a scientific and rules-based approach to investments.

World-leading research

NorQuant keeps up-to-date on world-leading academic research, including nobel-prize winning research, and uses this research to code an expert system (“Artificial Intelligence”) linked to data from all major stock exchanges. The expert system calculates a portfolio composition based on the individual investor’s preferences and risk profile (so-called robo-advisor). The expert system find the best market, sector and individual securities for the portfolio. In addtion, the system calculates the most optimal diversification and weights of the securities in the portfolio.

Partnership with Fintech Neo

In Februari 2018 NorQuant partnered with Fintech Neo which is a Norwegian technology company with niche competence in the development of financial technology. An example of this is an advanced charting and quantitative testing tool that is now part of NorQuant.

Research cooperation with SINTEF

NorQuant is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of financial research and is in talks with SINTEF, a leading Norwegian research institution, about a cooperation applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to investment analysis and portfolio optimisation.

Thomas Nygaard

(+47) 991 22 033

Thomas Nygaard (1973) has a background as an authorised financial analyst (AFA, CEFA) and portfolio manager. He has a bachelor's degree in economics from Northwestern University (Chicago) and an MBA in finance from the Norwegian School of Management (NHH). Thomas started his career in finance at the research department of the Chicago Board of Trade in 1994 and has since worked as a financial analyst, portfolio manager and head of analysis for quantitative research firms, brokers and asset managers. He helped build analysis firm Investtech, including starting their first foreign office in the Netherlands. In 2010 he wrote and published the book “Technical analysis - become a better investor”. The last couple of years, Thomas has focused on factor-based analysis, and how it can be used to help avoid investors’ most common mistakes, and increase returns.

Lars Nygaard

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Lars Nygaard (1978) has a bachelors degree in Physics from the University of Groningen and completed a Masters degree in Biomedical Imaging at the University of Utrecht. He has extensive experience programming big data applications for the medical and financial sectors in various computer languages. Since 2016 he has worked full time on developing NorQuant’s systems. He prefers functional programming languages, specifically R.